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Croft Acoustics

England's Croft Acoustics has been making hand-built point-to-point tube electronics for over twenty years. Croft pre-amps and amplifiers are minimalist, no compromise designs, carefully handmade, with the highest regard for maintaining signal purity.

At Croft everything is about enjoyment of music and value. This is why Glenn Croft has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and technically gifted designers of fine valve electronics.

It has always been known that unnecessary components in an amplifier circuit inhibit its performance. By eliminating these, the amplifier is free to express a kaleidoscope of sound and the music can flow through in its purist form. Croft's Short Circuit Approach combines minimalism, innovative construction and the finest sounding components available. This technique augments harmonic symmetry from both the high and low end of the dynamic spectrum.

Some designs give a lively, detailed sound with a slight trade off toward a brighter sound, while others aim for a warm, rich sound but tend toward blandness or a reduction in the midrange expression by emphasizing bass performance. Thus an artificial impression of more detail, or more bass, may be gained but the full energy, subtlety and the system's ability to communicate the musical performance are invariably held back.

Croft Acoustics' sound balancing design overcomes this problem by properly maintaining the integrity of audio signal throughout the entire frequency range without recourse to brightness or rolling off any frequencies.

In addition to producing exceptional sound quality, Croft's minimalist designs cost far less to produce than many of today's exotic brands. Therefore Croft amplifiers deliver a sonic performance far in excess of what one would expect given their modest prices. This minimalist, quality first philosophy is utilized in all Croft products.

All Croft products are hand made in England. They all feature point to point wiring and selected, matched components. All pre-amplifiers include a high quality valve MM phono stage.

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