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For over 21 years, Esprit Audio of France has developed several families of wire and cable. In building your high-fidelity system, you have strictly chosen the source, the amplification and the loudspeakers of your choice.

Esprit follows a precise objective: to ensure carrying the musical signal with the highest fidelity to the original master recording. The audio image is more natural and free flowing, adding nothing and subtracting nothing. The cables act as the soul of musicality at the heart of your system.

Each range of cables is the result of evolving technology, permanent and methodic search on conductors and insulating components, destined to create the best products. They are subjected to the most demanding tests and listening sessions all along the design process. The Esprit “savoir-faire” and skill (including proprietary connectors), are also nourished by a constant dialogue with our customers to find the most musical solutions. Esprit wire and cable is 100% designed, engineered and manufactured by hand in France.

Professional reviews are unanimous: Esprit cables clearly show the natural qualities, the harmonic and dynamic richness of your system in an unmatched way. When you listen to your system, Esprit cables reveal the previously unexpected emotions and nuances of audiophile sound, in an efficient and balanced reach to the original master.

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