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Lawrence Double Bass Speaker
Lawrence Cello Speaker

Lawrence Audio

Founded in 1996 by Lawrence Liao, Lawrence Audio has created an exquisite line up of eye-catching and beautiful sounding loudspeakers including several modeled after actual musical instruments.
The original inspiration for the design of these unique speakers is Lawrence’s love of classical music and instruments such as the violin, mandolin, and the cello. More recently, The “Firebird” series of speakers , inspired from the opera “The Firebird” by Igor Stravinsky, as well as the flagship “Eagle” model are the latest works of art offered in the Lawrence Audio line of speakers.
Lawrence Audio speakers are precision crafted and distinguishable by their unique angular designs, which are not created simply for aesthetic purposes. Unlike simple rectangle or square speakers, the angular designs of the speakers reduce unwanted resonance so that the listeners can enjoy uncompromised, pure sound reproduction. Listeners are able to delight in a performance that is only second best to the live performance itself. Furthermore, all Lawrence Audio speakers are designed entirely in Taiwan and made from the highest quality materials. These custom-made speakers are not mass produced and are tested for sound quality by professional engineers and by Lawrence Liao himself. “I am very hands-on and very involved with my work, from the time I first draft the designs , all the way to the finished product.” 
Lawrence Audio - Hear and see the difference!

NEW! Penguin Speaker
Lawrence Violin SE
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