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Planus 4 Speaker Cables
Planus 4 AG - Silver Speaker Cables

Most wires on the market today have significant levels of capacitance and/or inductance as well as skin effect. These factors serve to act as filters altering the original signal. This generally results in wires that are rolled on the top end and emphasize the mid and upper bass regions. This emphasis results from a psychoacoustic shift as a result of the rolled highs. They sound warm and polite, but suck some of the life out of the music. They can obscure the musical expression/emotion of the music—the tapestry of the music.

Planus wires are not polite or warm and fuzzy. They are honest in their presentation of the music. The top end is very extended. The midrange is very open, detailed, and sweet. Bass is fast and deep while also allowing one to hear the complex harmonic structure contained in the bass. The soundstaging capability is excellent in our reference wires and without peer in our state-of-the-art cables. Each offers a holographic presentation of not only lead singer/instruments, but also instruments at the back of the soundstage. Because of their speed and detail, you can hear subtle voice inflections or the slight bending of notes. Overall, these wires bring you closer to the musical performance.

The physical difference between our two speaker wires are the thickness and width of the conductors used for each. Both use Teflon for the di-electric. The biggest sound difference between Planus II and Planus III is the retrieval of low level detail, imaging precision, and the degree of palpability each presents.

The differences between our Planus CU2 interconnect and Planus AG interconnect is the type of foil used. One uses copper (CU2), while the other uses silver (AG). They both use Teflon as the dielectric. Sonically, CU2 is very detailed, but also has warmth and allows you to hear an organic quality to the music. AG is extremely detailed and allows you to hear not only the air around instruments and voices, but also the subtle ambient sounds of the recording venue.

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Planus CU2 - Interconnects
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