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Introducing Sophia Electric Classic 300B & Aqua 274B


After a few years of experiments and audition comparisons, Sophia Electric is proud to introduce Classic 300B tubes to the audiophile community. The Classic 300B has a unique blue glass but has the identical glass shape and metal plate structure of the vintage WE 300B. Most important, it has the soul and mid-range magic of the vintage 300B. To address the high frequency and bass limits of the original WE 300B, Sophia Electric has created a new rectifier tube - the Aqua 274B. The Aqua 274B will deliver exceptional high frequency and bass extension in the circuit to compliment the Classic 300B sonic character. Together this duo will produce the magical midrange of the original WE 300B as well as the high end extension and powerful bass response of a live performance.

Sophia Electric Classic 300B Power Tubes (Pair)

  • One (1) matched pair of A-stock tubes with One (1) year warranty

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