We are delighted that Croft is again making products offering the pinnacle of performance, and as is Croft's way, at extremely affordable prices. The Micro 25RS builds on the 25R preamp by adding a separate outboard power supply, and significant improvements to the: line stage, ht regulators, components and sockets. Heart-stopping 550VA transformers deliver the juice. At roughly $5,000 retail, the Micro 25RS is quite possibly the best value pre-amp on the market. The Micro 25RS power supply pictured here.

CROFT Micro 25RS Pre-Amplifier

  • A two box pre the Micro 25RS – which is essentially a Micro 25R with better line stage, ht regulators, components, sockets and matching separate power supply box with 550VA transformers

  • Ships in approximately 1 week

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