The mini but mighty P3ESR loudspeaker and brand flagship, will be available in a striking olive wood veneer in 2018, with the additional added features of Harbeth's 40th Anniversary range including: the latest WBT-nextgen binding posts, British-made audio grade poly capacitors, and Harbeth's 40th Anniversary ultra-pure OFC internal cable. Each speaker will also include the Harbeth 40th Anniversary limited edition front and back badges and the metallic black and gold anniversary grille badge.

Harbeth's flagship model, the M40.2 loudspeaker, will also available in this stunning limited edition veneer as part of our momentous 40th anniversary.


Our cabinets are handmade and feature the finest veneers. Please note that veneers vary in both colour, shade and grain structure, particularly our eucalyptus veneer.

The P3ESR 40th Anniversary Edition is available in Olive Wood.

Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary

  • Transducer system
    110mm Harbeth RADIAL2™ bass/midrange; 19mm ferro-cooled tweeter

    Frequency response
    75Hz - 20kHz ±-3dB free-space, grille on, smooth off-axis response

    6 ohms, easy to drive.


    Amplifier suggestion
    Works with a wide range of amplifiers, suggested from 15W/channel.

    Power handling
    50W programme

    306 x 190 x 184 mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts)

    Space needs
    Ideally > 0.30m from rear wall

    Optimally to bring ears level with tweeters. (Tweeter: 230mm up from cabinet base)

    6.1kg each (without packing)

    One matched pair per protective carton