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It offers a natural harmonic presence that creates a purely musical experience with the characteristic tonal richness of Margules. It is made for lovers of hi-fi, mixing premium components and materials with an aesthetic, sober and contemporary design.


In addition, its high functionality allows it to be easily coupled to a multi-channel system to ensure a warm sound.


The SF 220 easily drives any tube or solid state amplifier without audible interactions or loss of audio quality, keeping the qualities of the Margules sound intact.

Margules SF-220 Special Edition Pre-Amplifier

  • The SF-220 Preamplifier has a circuit that integrates the output stage with the input stage to obtain an unusually high-frequency response and transient speed. This resolves the signal with great instrumental detail full of tonal richness and achieves an output impedance. Capable of smoothly driving any solid-state or tube amplifier without audible interactions or loss of audio quality.


    Our SF-220 features beautiful wood carved remote control. All operations on this preamplifier are performed with gold-tipped electromagnetic relays, plus it features a motorized potentiometer to maintain the integrity of the analog signal. The gold PCB plate stands out among its Premium components, which guarantees maximum conductivity and audiophile-grade elements that help give the characteristic sound.


    The power supply in this equipment is of the SHUNT type. As it does not have a control loop circuit, this type of source does not induce harmonics, thus maintaining the integrity of the audio signal.

    The SHUNT source is virtually indestructible thanks to its carefully designed circuitry to guard against common and uncommon bulb failures.


    ANA® (Neuro-Acoustic Alignment).


    ANA® (Neuro-Acoustic Alignment) technology is a Margules innovation based on how the human brain perceives sound by prioritizing harmonic structure over the fundamental pitch. This technology is about how we humans perceive sound, not how we measure it.


    This technological advance has its origin in seductive sound theory (engaging sound). Our brain decodes information from sound waves through the ears. When the sounds are close, they keep us attentive due to the relationship between the perception of these, the distance in which we perceive them, and their intelligibility. Distant sounds, even when they are intelligible, do not attract our attention and are easily ignored.


    Our ANA® technology is designed to achieve realistic sound with appropriate frequency response, low distortion, and accurate harmonic reproduction, optimizing the relationship between source and receiver to the maximum so you can enjoy your music in ways that never before you had experienced.

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