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The Puritan RouteMaster provides the shortest and most coherent route to a common star grounding point for all of the components that form an audio or audio visual system.  It may be used on its own to provide a central "star" connected point for the signal ground of all connected components.  Internally, a strategic array of nodes direct residual noise into its ferroelectric core where it is turned into harmless heat.


Ultimate results are achieved by connecting the "star" position to the Puritan GroundMaster, whereby not only are all the earthing circuits bonded in a uniform and tidy manner, but the noise on this common earth is substantially further reduced.


If it is not possible to install the earthing (grounding) rod necessary for the GroundMaster.  Good results can still be achieved by using the Puritan GroundMaster City model, which simply plugs into an available wall socket and provides a highly cleansed grounding connection. 

Puritan Audio RouteMaster

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