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Vinnie Rossi

Vinnie Rossi products are handcrafted in the USA and backed with a 10-year warranty and industry-leading customer service. The designs use the finest component parts in purist circuit topologies that eschew high parts count in favor of elegant simplicity. We are fanatical about utilizing isolated, ultra-low impedance power supply design as a necessity in achieving the finest sonic results.

LIO is a modular audio system platform you can shape, upgrade and evolve to fulfill your changing audio needs. LIO can be an integrated amplifier, tube preamp, DAC, phono preamp, headphone amplifier or all of these components. Make LIO your own!


LIO Integrated Amplifier is an entirely new and utterly unique “super integrated” amplifier with game-changing technology, future-proof flexibility, exceptional value, and unequaled audio performance. We designed it for the listener seeking the highest level of musical purity, with long-term ownership and future innovation in mind.

LIO allows you to enjoy your music collection on a whole new level – one with less complexity, less clutter, fewer components and cables for a purer, more direct and deeper emotional connection to your music. Music is presented against a black void of silence to reveal every iota of musical truth. Its transparency, vast spaciousness and visceral impact have left listeners awestruck.

Since its introduction, LIO has earned a fanatical customer following and rave reviews for its revolutionary design and deeply musical, spacious, and engaging way of delivering music.

LIO signals the end of obsolescence and the rebirth of lasting value. The LIO Integrated Amplifier takes a modular approach, allowing owners to enjoy the benefits of additional features and future technologies effortlessly and economically.

The MINI PURE-DC-4EVR (“The MINI”) is  a patent-pending, isolated ultracapacitor power supply with super-regulated DC output voltage.  The MINI replaces the stock “wall-wort” AC-DC power adapters that are used to feed products that take a DC input voltage.  For example: the Sonore microRendu and other small computer modules, USB cards, dacs, preamps, headphone amplifiers, and even small amplifiers and other products & DIY projects requiring fairly low DC voltage(s). Even some CD Transports, turntable motors, and field-coil drivers run on DC voltage.

The MINI can be purchased directly through the Audio Archon web shop.

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