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Black Cat Cable


Providing entry priced to reference priced cables - and state of the art at any price!  Completely hand made from raw components in Alpharetta, Georgia USA! 


The NEW Coppertone Speaker Cable


The NEW Coppertone Interconnects

Since 1992 Chris Sommovigo has been designing and manufacturing cables for the High End Audio industry, and since 1992  has been running in the opposite direction of what most audiophile cable companies seem to be doing:

  • When they all offered ordinary analog cables as “digital” cables, I offered impedance-critical, super wide-band lines that met the specifications precisely.

  • When they offered big, fat cables overly heavy with unnecessary conductor density - I offered slim cables with appropriate conductor density and geometry that addressed issues such as proximity effect, skin-effect, and velocity.

  • When they offered “cable sausage” squeezed out of huge industrial thermoplastic extruders, I countered with high-tech insulators that had to be braided and knitted onto the conductors in order to achieve best performance.

  • When they offered more of the same-old stuff ... I offered something new, something better.

Still, old habits die hard and the demand for big, heavy cables with shiny jewelry attached remains attractive to many audiophiles. I have been asked by some dealers and distributors if I would be able to make these giant, anaconda-like cables in order to help them market my products to customers who demand such vulgar things. The answer is always “no” - not to be mean-spirited, but to preserve my own integrity and the integrity of my design philosophy. From my perspective, there is a ‘right way’ and a ‘wrong way’ - and this is something that has been clear to me, if not to anyone else.

In my constant exploration I have generated many experiments in analog cable design in order to test the boundaries of performance in my own system, and in the systems of a small group of audiophiles that have been helpful to me over the years by agreeing to be beta-testers. During this time I have generated a fairly large “graveyard” of designs that didn’t meet the standards of performance that I was seeking to exceed ... this is a very expensive and often ungratifying process. Sometimes, though, something truly extraordinary emerges from the process.


Black Cat 3202 Interconnect (cut-away view)

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