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Sound Performance Lab

Since 1983 we are developing audio gear for music, film, multimedia, hi-fi and broadcasting.

Sound studios all over the world trust our quality. Mastering studios demand the highest standards because they put the finishing touches to their music productions – with our 120V technology.

In the Professional Fidelity series we call it VOLTAiR technology.

It enables you to experience music on the same level as the mastering sound engineer.

Experimenting and listening is more important to us than designing by the book.

We create innovative audio products by pushing the envelope of both technology and design in search for the unique performance that sets SPL products apart from the main stream.

Milestones of the development

  • the invention of the patented Vitalizer® sound optimization

  • the invention of level-independent envelope processing, which is used in the Transient Designer products

  • the development of the auto-dynamic de-esser with S-sound reduction by means of phase cancellation
    the first discrete 5.1 surround microphone system Atmos 5.1

  • the development of the Car Vitalizer® App for iOs devices

  • the development of the 120V operational amplifier

  • the invention of the Phonitor Matrix for loudspeaker-equivalent listening and mixing via headphones

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