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LAS-4 Concert Stand




Lateral Audio Stands

Audio stands that can redefine the performance of audio systems...

A Lateral Audio Stand is designed to maximise the removal of vibrational energy to absorbing ground paths, whilst also minimising the energy created by itself. These principles reduce the vibrational energy which then enters into components of the audio system. 
We work closely with prominent UK dealers who fully understand the profound effect of an audio stand on a system.

The audio stand becomes a significant component at the centre of your audio system, it's foundation, and influences all components placed upon it.
With the passion to seek beautiful audio 'Lateral Audio Stands' enables entry audio systems to perform to a higher level and allows high end components to exceed previous performances and expectations. 
Source components, both analogue and digital, and amplification components, all show considerable gains when placed and coupled to excellent audio surfaces. This then leads on to the improved performance of audio cables by reducing energy migrating into connections and insulations. Premium materials, high strength and dampened structures, coupled to developed isolation surfaces all provide performance along with the further benefits of being non-magnetic, minimising the problems of RFI.

As an audiophile, and a professional engineering designer of vibration affected products and the analysis of high strength-weight structures, the designs inherently employ techniques and technical principles taken from these specialist areas...indeed less really is more.

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LAS-4 Integral Plus

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