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Archon Cables

Archon Cables

Initially , we started building power cables for our own needs.  We were looking for something that would give excellent sonic performance, solid construction to last from many system changes, elegant looks to feel at home with high-end audio components, good flexibility to weave between existing setups with tight corners and cost effective to have many of these cables in a system without the need for a second mortgage.


We feel that we achieved these criteria and our customers have the following to say about the cables...


 "The difference was heard immediately and in a positive way!  My system is now completely wired with Archon Power Cords." -EH

Started with one ArchonBlue Cable and now have wired my complete system - HC

"I have tried many power cords throughout the years and several costing more than $3000.  The Archon power cords at least equal if not better the performance for a fraction of the price!" - TL

Archon Cables come in two main types (but can be further customized):

Blue - Furutech Alpha Nano OFC Technology

Green - Furutech Alpha Triple C Forging Process (which improves conductivity over standard OFC)

Prices start at $250 for Blue and $300 for Green

Prices vary depending on length, gauge or wire and connection plugs

Standard plugs use rhodium over copper contacts points with carbon fiber on the housing

Premium Furutech NCF plugs are also available 

Please call or e-mail for further information or visit our online store to purchase directly

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