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Linear Tube Audio

LTA is an amplifier manufacturer based in Washington, DC. Committed to offering top-of-the-line sound quality in high value, accessible forms, for our first line as a company we enlisted David Berning to design two new power amps for us using his uniquely linear and transparent, labor-intensive ZOTL tube amp design, as well as updating a discontinued classic of his, the MicroZOTL. Every product we make involves many hours of careful craftsmanship in our workshop, hand-making custom parts and ensuring that every component of these complex circuits are perfect, so that every listener will be able to experience the incredibly lifelike presentation of our amps.

Micro ZOTL2-S

Experience the new standard in high performance audio!

Made in USA

Linear Power Supply+
ZOTL40 Tube Amplifier
ZOTL40 Amplifier(Cover Removed)
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