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Discover new levels of audio performance with isolation for your audio player/processor/amp. ARENA APX isolates by having a contact surface of extreme low levels of energy and noise, placed beneath the player's feet.

Using the feet of the audio component is the preferred and correct way to isolate, and thereby uses the same energy paths as originally intended by the manufacturer. By isolating beneath the player's feet the sound is now heard at a much higher performance level, and yet its style of sound is preserved. This also offers maximum stability.

ARENA APX uses carbon fibre with a minimum amount of damping to achieve a high performance with natural dynamics.
Inside is a viscous layer which acoustically controls stray and reflective energies. A soft contact pad then further isolates, by removing the very damaging and unwanted energies which arise from the surface below.


The largest 60 mm size is what we have (and the only size available in the US).  Listed price is for One (1) Foot/Disc.

Lateral Audio ARENA APX 60 Isolation Feet

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