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The perfect partner for LUMIN owners who wish to store their own music collection!

The effortless operation of LUMIN L2 belies its advanced features and unrivalled flexibility.

With a 4-port audiophile-grade network switch on board, its two optical fibre SFP ports and two RJ45 copper ports L2 can streamline and enhance your network!

LUMIN L2 Music Library & Network Switch

    • Available without drives or with 4TB or 8TB capacity
    • Zero configuration required
    • Automatically serves all added music
    • Fibre Network provides complete isolation from network noise
    • 4-port network switch simplifies cabling and makes fibre easy
    • UPnP (Openhome) compatible
    • USB 3.0 Micro type B for connection to computer
    • SMB support for transferring over the network
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Thick-panelled CNC Aluminium construction
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