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Weiss Medus Reference DAC
Weiss Jason Reference CD Transport
NEW! Weiss 501/502 DAC

Weiss Engineering

Daniel Weiss joined the Willi Studer AG in Switzerland as an electronics engineer in 1979. At Studer he worked in the digital audio lab for five years. His work included the design of a sampling frequency converter and the digital signal processing electronics for digital audio recorders.


In 1985 Daniel Weiss founded the company “Weiss Engineering Ltd.”. From the outset the company concentrated on the design and manufacture of digital audio equipment for Mastering Studios. A Mastering Studio is the place where a recording gets its final touches for optimum artistic, musical and sonic quality. The modular 102 Series system was the first product line and was sold worldwide via the Harmonia Mundi Acustica Company in Germany. Even today this system is still up to date (24 Bit/96 kHz).


One of the largest setups of a 102 Series system was used at Sony Music in New York in the form of the IBIS digital mixing console. Sony used it to mix classical music recordings.


In the early nineties the Weiss Gambit Series was launched. It consists of stand-alone units like Equalizer, Dynamics Processor, De-Noiser/De-Clicker, A/D converter, D/A converter, Sampling Frequency Converter etc.. The Gambit Series took ergonomics and sonic quality to a new level. 40 bit floating point processors and sampling rates of up to 96 kHz are employed. Weiss Engineering is recognized as the leading company when it comes to signal processing for Mastering. Quite likely many of the CDs in your collection have been mastered using Weiss equipment.


Starting in the year 2000 we entered the High-End Hi-Fi market with a new product line. With our expertise in the design of top quality audio equipment for the most discerning clientele, the Mastering Engineers, it seemed like a logical step to design equipment for the demanding audiophile.


The MEDEA D/A Converter and the JASON CD transport were the first units in that line. Later we introduced the DAC202 Firewire D/A Converter and the INT202 and INT203 Firewire interfaces. Our latest product, the MAN301 network player, shows our commitment to cutting edge hardware/software technology for the future of audiophile audio playback.

Weiss MAN301 Network Player
Weiss INT204USB Digital Interface
Weiss Chiron Cables
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