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Thanks to its design philosophy, the ACRH-3 hybrid integrated amplifier merges innovation with functionality, offering uncompromised value and quality as well as versatility and convenience. All this to attain a single objective: the achievement of a dynamic and realistic sound, with low distortion and a harmonic reproduction that flows naturally.


These characteristics make of it a true integral system which, thanks to the technology merged in it, will allow you to enjoy a warm and detailed sound, with the power necessary to handle low-efficiency or less sensitive speakers.


At the same time, it incorporates a high-quality phono stage, conceived for those who love analog music and appreciate realistic and dynamic acoustic scenarios.


Thanks to its features, the ACRH-3 becomes a value response ideal for audiophiles and music lovers who search for an integral and versatile solution that provides exceptional instrumental detail and dynamic range, as well as precise harmonic reproduction: the formula of Margules’ characteristic sound.

Margules ACRH-3 Hybrid integrated Amplifier

  • The ACRH-3 is an integral system that uses tubes on its preamplification stage and high-quality semi-conductors on its output stage, thus achieving a warm and detailed sound, with the necessary power to handle low-efficiency or less sensitive speakers.

    At the same time, it incorporates a high-quality phono stage, conceived for those who love analog music and appreciate realistic and dynamic acoustic scenarios.



    The design of the ACRH-3’s amplification stage is one of direct coupling and discrete semiconductors that operate in AB+ configuration, which allows it to optimize the junction between stages, avoiding signal loss.



    The preamplification stage is based on a design that uses two double-triode small-signal tubes (one per channel). It also has regulated power supplies, both for the filament and for the high voltage of the tubes, ensuring a very low level of noise and avoiding microphonics, which provides to musical reproduction a feeling of warmth and instrumental richness.



    Line Level Inputs: The ACRH-3 has four different RCA unbalanced inputs suitable for connecting line level devices such as CD players, tuners, tape players, turntables with built-in phono stage or an external phono stage preamplifier.


    Phono Input: The built-in phono stage preamplifier is of high quality and totally discrete, with a gain that allows its compatibility with moving magnet, moving iron or high output moving coil phono cartridges.


    Amplifier Input: The factory setting of the ACRH-3 provides an unbalanced RCA amplifier input, which is connected to the preamplifier output (PRE OUT 1) by means of a bridge or jumper that can be removed in order to connect a different amplifier or sound processor.


    Preamplifier Output: The design of the preamplification stage allows an additional output (PRE OUT 2), which may be used for the connection of an active subwoofer or, if so desired, another amplifier.


    Line Level Output (Direct Output): The ACRH-3 has a line level output controlled by the input selector on the preamp stage that is not affected by the volume control (this output completely removes the volume control from the signal path). This output can be used to connect a recording device, send the audio signal to another area, or to connect the equipment to a surround sound processor, thus giving you the flexibility to integrate your high-performance stereo system into your home theater system.


    Electrical output: The ACRH-3 has an electrical output with a maximum capacity of 15A / 1,800W (controlled by turning on the equipment). This output is designed to be connected to the Magenta QR2 Noise Line Suppressor. This allows you to centrally turn on the audio components connected to the switched filters by polarizing the ACRH-3’s AC output.



    The ANA® technology (Neuro-Acoustic Alignment) is one of Margules’ technological innovations developed from a fundamental principle: the human brain perceives sound by prioritizing the harmonic structure above fundamental tone; that is, it focuses on how humans perceive sound and not on how we measure it.

    This technological advance originates from the engaging sound theory and is based on the way in which our brain decodes the information from the sound waves through the ears: when sounds are closer, they keep us focused due to the relation between perception and sound, the distance at which we perceive them and their intelligibility, whereas distant sounds, even when intelligible, do not catch our attention and are easily ignored.

    Our ANA® technology is designed to achieve a realistic sound, with a wide frequency response, low distortion and precise harmonic reproduction, optimizing to the utmost the relationship between the source and the receiver, so that you can enjoy your music in a way you have never experienced before.





    Power at 8 Ohms / 4 Ohms:

    100 watts / 160 watts per channel


    Response in frequency:

    -3dB    10Hz – 30KHz


    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD):



    Line input noise (max):

    0.22 mV


    Supply voltage:

    120 VAC


    Electrical consumption No Signal / Maximum:

    40 watts / 500 watts



    Height: 15 cm

    Width: 43 cm

    Depth: 38 cm

    Weight: 14 kg


    Vacuum Tubes:

    2 x 12AU7 (ECC82)



    4 Line Level inputs

    1 Phono Stage input



    Phono Stage:



    40 dB



    47K Ohms


    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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