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  • Conductors Ultra High Purity Plated Copper

  • Conductor Power Rating 20Amps

  • Conductor Insulation Dielectric Optimised Vibration Damping Silicone

  • Conductors Sheathing Vibration Absorption Optimised Silicone With Dissipative Outer Coating

  • Outer Covering Soft Fabric To Avoid Vibration Pick Up

  • Classic Plus Cable introduces an additional screening layer to the unique carbon nanotechnology screen already incorporated into the Classic Cable: Trickle down technology from the development program for our Ultimate cable, MAG-X is highly flexible magnetic screen that massively broadens the spectrum of efficacy, greatly improving upon the capabilities of conventional RFI screens. The addition of this extra screening layer to our Classic cable formula gives us the Classic PLUS, bridging the gap between our Classic and Ultimate power cords.

Puritan Classic Plus Power Cord

  • FREE Shipping

  • The Puritan Classic Plus comes in Copper color

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